If You:

  • Own property
  • Own a business or have an interest in a business
  • Are married
  • Have children
  • Live with a partner but are unmarried
  • Wish to provide for a loved one

We offer a full advisory service in the following:

  • Wills
  • Intestacy
  • Duties and powers of the Legal Personal Representative
  • Entitlements of beneficiaries
  • Legal Right Shares of Spouses
  • Section 117 Claims of children
  • Entitlements of non marital children
  • Joint Properties/Joint accounts
  • Inheritance tax
  • How to deal with Foreign assets
  • Non-residents with property located in Ireland

It is strongly recommended that you make a Will. We draft all Wills specific to the individual’s wishes and a Will can be changed, destroyed or added to at any time. We also specialise in the creation of Trusts for the benefit of minors or disabled relatives who may not be in a position to manage their own money.

As part of our service we offer advice on Capital Acquisitions Tax (Inheritance Tax) to all clients who make a Will. We provide the most up to date details on Irish Tax Law in order to ensure you can plan your estate in the most tax efficient manner.


We offer a full estate administration service for the families of a deceased person, whether the deceased had created a Will or not.

The administration of a deceased’s estate is a process in which we work closely with our clients to ensure a discreet, sympathetic and efficient service.